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Bigjigs Review | Rubbabu Ring - Toss Game and Bubble Ball

It is time for Bigjigs Play Patrol Agents Lily and Alexander's final mission and this time they have thoroughly enjoyed playing with the most colourful and soft ring-toss set and sensory bubble ball.

super soft ring toss game
This super soft, super bright ring toss set is produced by Rubbabu in India, using natural biodegradable foam rubber. It is the ultimate sensory ring toss set which is great for coordination, yet it is durable despite being so plush.

So currently the kids do sometimes have issues with sharing, don't they all? Lily is 4.5 years old and Alexander is just 2 and believes he can get away with anything. Lily can get quite possessive of a toy she deems to be hers, when it belongs to both of them, so I do have to intervene when Alexander gets hold of it and she starts to dive in. Often I explain to her that it is a shared toy, such as the ring-toss set and that it doesn't belong to either of them particularly over another. If things get too much I direct her towards something else. As for Alexander I get on the floor with him and try to facilitate co-sharing whereby he retains a hoop for example but allows Lily or myself to hold on to it too, without any squawking.

ring toss game with lily

Since the ring-toss set can be multi-player, the kids can play in turns, depending on whether they have a preference for the plush, easy to handle rings, which is true in Lily's case! 

Both the ring-toss set and sensory ball are ideal for learning through play which is a vital part of children's formative years and education and provides the basis for reception year at school. The sensory ball for example is a conversation starter; how does this ball feel? does it have a soft or hard texture? can it bounce or can it roll along the floor? if it can't roll why may that be? For Lily's age anyway these kinds of questions are ideal, but Alexander is currently like a little sponge, soaking up whatever he hears so it is a good thing for him to get involved in too. Lily is so ready for school and pretty much has been since last year! Learning through play has always been an important focus of our time at home and out and about together and will definitely continue for Alexander and our third baby who will join us in December.

organising the coloured rings
Lily rather enjoys organising the rings by different colours and Alexander is learning his colours too so they are helpful for his development too. Available from £24.99.

Hailing from a very artistic family, both children have been brought up with a lot of colours and started to differentiate between them and question tones and shades fairly early on, especially Lily. Our everyday surroundings are colourful and we make no exception for our children's toys. We have used toys incorporating black and white specifically for newborns too. The bright green sensory bubble ball, also by Rubbabu is great for Alex and Lily to play ball with and see how much they can squish it; it can bounce and roll well too. It will also be a good sensory object for the new baby to play with when it is capable of doing so.

The Bubble Ball by Rubbabu
This eye-catching bubble ball offers a sensory experience with it's soft tactile surface which can be wipe-cleaned. Squishy and bouncy, the kids have enjoyed playing with it in the forest. The moony and dotty ball have indents and the star version has soft stars on the outside too for a variety of textures and experiences. Available from £4.49.

Disclaimer: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this review but all opinions expressed are my own.

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