Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Staircase Renovation Survey | Could it be worth it?

Our period Victorian terrace boasts the standard narrow, steep staircases which were, back in the day, renowned for many head injuries or deaths of Victorian folk. Yikes!

But that is what we have, with traditional wooden balustrades surrounding the staircase landing. I wouldn't describe it as modern, but it certainly fits the decor of our house in its present layout.
Fast forward a few years (in daydream land potentially) and a room extension could be on the cards which could involve a complete interior renovation. The Victorian qualities may be adjusted or completely lost, but since many of the walls and doorframes aren't even straight I am less concerned about this!

The balustrades could potentially be upgraded to stylish glass balustrades which would involve glass panels and handrails rather than wooden spindles with gaps between. From a safety point of view, our upstairs landing could be made completely secure with an additional stairgate and the glass would facilitate the airiness and lightness which we are so desperate to have in our house. And yes, I would be dusting the glass. A lot!

Staircase renovation image, is it worth it?

Balustrade Components have produced a survey for those who may be thinking about whether replacing a staircase could be worthwhile and provide a return on investment (ROI). It will get you thinking at the very least and will provide some food for thought.

Examples of questions the survey raises includes:

"Do you think you will require planning permission to renovate a staircase?"
"What do you think the average cost of renovating a staircase could be?"

Even these two examples raise questions which I have never really thought of in great depth before, so the end-results of the survey could be beneficial especially if you need convincing on some topics involved in home renovation, notably planning, costs and ROI.

Collaborative blog post: all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.



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