Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Awkward things that can happen at a Wedding

We've nearly all been witness to some kind of clanger at a wedding, usually it is really funny and can only be reflected on endearingly.

Here is a list of examples of awkward but perhaps humorous things that can happen at a wedding:

  • Page boys or flower girls picking their noses quite obviously
  • One of the bridal party almost tripping up the aisle, or actually falling over
  • Fainting at the alter
  • When someone giving a speech is unaware their microphone isn't working
  • When a guest spills a drink on another guest
  • Tipsy guests misjudging where their seat is, and missing it completely
  • Any coughs or sneezes or baby babbles during the usual silence when the ceremony guests are asked whether there is any lawful reason why the couple cannot marry
  • And of course, we can't forget Dad- Dancing. It is pretty unavoidable, whether it be an actual dad or uncle, or grandad! Did you know that you can buy shoes from Wynsors to prevent these cringeworthy sights? Yes, you can now have complete control over those dad-moves, but then he may lap up the attention even more! Choose your battles!

Have you witnessed anything embarrassingly awkward or giggle-inducing at a wedding recently?


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