Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Caring for sensitive baby skin with WaterWipes

It is National Eczema Awareness Week so there is no better time to mention the fact that we love using WaterWipes which were designed with sensitive baby skin in mind, and also provide you with some tips on caring for eczema prone skin.

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Let's go back to 2014, our second child Alexander was born in July and I decided to use WaterWipes from the very beginning, alongside cloth nappies. Cooled boiled water and cotton water is often referred to as the gold standard for newborn skin care, and that is what WaterWipes have been based on. I used them whilst in hospital, after delivery, during readmission for phototherapy and beyond. I will absolutely be packing a large 72 wipe pack in my baby bag ready for the arrival of our third child.

Water Wipes 72 pack

In comparison to the majority of baby wipes which can contain up to and exceeding 10 ingredients, WaterWipes simply contain 99.9% water and a drop of grapeseed extract which is a natural skin softener. No chemicals, no alcohol and no added fragrance. Naturally they have been recognised by the UK's midwives as being safe to use from newborn and Allergy UK have approved them too. As a non-skin irritant, WaterWipes are ideal for babies and children who have sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Alexander has a slight tendency to get dry skin, due to the hard water common in the South Coast, so particularly when he was much younger we felt that these wipes really helped soothe his skin, and reassured us at the same time that we weren't exacerbating the situation by adding skin-drying ingredients. Again, when he suffered a viral-rash WaterWipes came in handy too.

Water Wipes ingredients comparison

As an adult who's facial skin can go a bit erratic due to changes in weather, central heating and hormones, I am also pleased that WaterWipes produce make up wipes, so do check those out too.

How about some tips on how to keep babies' skin soft and smooth during bouts of eczema as advised by a South Coast midwife at a maternity hospital*:

  1. Hotter temperatures can cause sweating which can exacerbate eczema and make certain clothes quite uncomfortable. Clothes made from natural fibres such as 100% cotton allow skin to breathe and air to circulate well. I'd also like to add that the same applies to room and bath water temperature.
  2. Consider adding a bath emollient if you live in a very hard water area.
  3. Some children can be sensitive to laundry detergents with an excess of ingredients. Sometimes discovering what the root cause of eczema can involve trial and error. Whilst there is no evidence to suggest that enzymes in washing detergent or fabric conditioner can irritate babies skin, many parents choose to use simpler products, particularly those which are fragrance free.
*Disclaimer: Eczema causes and treatments can vary and what may work well for one child may not be ideal for another.


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