Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Living Space Edit

The time for laminate flooring throughout our living space is almost upon us. And I am looking forward to it immensely. 

With two children who drop food on the floor from their seat or highchair, I am more than ready to burn say farewell to the carpet which has caused a lot of bother in the past year. Surprisingly the issue only arises when we clean it, so we can't win apparently!

Whilst I am excited to be able to choose the wooden-effect flooring and potentially carpet just within the living room to keep the atmosphere cosy (and largely better for young children wobbly on their feet) this revamp does throw up some reservations of mine.

  1. If we were to get laminate laid throughout the living and dining space, the largest space (the dining room) would have to be raised so the flooring can run seamlessly without any thresholds. Thresholds can be a bit of an eyesore and also a trip hazard, but needs must.
  2. At some point in the latter life of our Victorian home, someone thought that they would cut costs by replacing damaged bay window sub-floor boards with kitchen cabinet doors. I kid you not. So that is an additional cost we need to address.
  3. Victorian houses (or at least this one) appear to have been built by eye and maybe spirit levels were disregarded. Door frames, walls, chimney breasts, even wall plug sockets. Just don't squint or draw attention to their ever so slight wonkiness. For this reason, I'm concerned that the skirting boards will let the overall effect down. I'd be tempted to replace ours by some like these skirting boards from MDF Skirting World, but it could well open a can of worms...I can dream of level, clean lines for the moment.
As for potentially getting carpet in the living space; choosing the right style of carpet, colour, pile and all those considerations can be a bit of a headache too! Will this colour go well with the sofa or not? Will it be easy to clean? Will it feel nice under our feet but not be a dust or dirt grabber?

I'm sure once these decisions have been made, once we have actually bit the bullet, the overall effect will be very pleasant, and only lead on to more slight changes to make our house a home.

Here is a little wishlist of products that I could see making our living space our own. Matalan Direct have some furniture I particularly like:

The Living Room Edit Wishlist

1/ "Pew" Dining Table /Matalan  2/ Low-pile blue VIDSTRUP rug / IKEA  3/ "Arpeggio Heritage Oak" wooden-effect laminate / B & Q  4/ Skirting board in "Antique 2" / MDF Skirting World  5/ Autumnal trio of Candles / Matalan  6/ "Fraya" chairs in white, set of two / Matalan

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