Monday, 10 October 2016

28 weeks pregnant | The Bump Diaries

Although I didn't film an update for 28 weeks, I have found the time to write something down at least.

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How I am feeling:


I have had a bit of a rough time what with having a cold which started on my birthday (I was ill last year too, boo!) and the kids were poorly too. Just when I thought Alexander was getting better it came back with a vengeance and a nasty cough which saw him coming into bed with us and I spent the following couple of days feeling like I had a hangover!

My own cold is slowly drying up. Going outdoors and coming back inside seems to make me reach for the tissues a bit more. Perhaps it is the detectable change of weather temperature. But seriously, where IS all that snot coming from?!


I've had period of hunger then times when my appetite has dipped. Probably all to do with having a lurgy and looking after other lurgified small children.


In my 20 week update I mentioned my concerns about sleeping on my side (particularly my left) and then sporting vertical creases around my left eye the next morning. I haven't managed to buy a satin or silk pillowcase yet (bit of an investment for a pillowcase, mind you) but I have been trying my darndest to hydrate the delicate skin around my eyes. Rob bought my some coconut oil, for the main reason of using it for perineal massage, but I decanted some into a spare little Lush sample pot (so handy!), especially for use on my face. So overall, I have been slapping coconut oil on my face and my bump, as well as using the Vaseline Spray and Go. I made the mistake of going the whole hog with the oil and used some as a conditioner for the ends of my hair, but must have used too much. Thank goodness for a quick spritz of dry shampoo.

Foetal development:

Last trimester now! Baby weighs around 2 1/4 pounds and measures 14.8 inches from top of the head to the heels. Baby Bee can blink and detect light within the womb and is busy piling on the fat.

Foetal Movement:

Baby Bee continues to beat the mattress if I lay on my side and has detectable periods of restfullness and activity during the day and night.

What I'm wearing:

I'm wearing 70/30 non-maternity and maternity wear. Since the weather has become cooler I am now appreciating the over the bump bands which come with some of my maternity jeans. Some are cut more favourably for a growing bump than others; some feel like they are trying to garrott my mid-section which is less than comfortable. Otherwise I like to wear ribbed knitted dresses and long tunic tops either in my usual size of a size up. Comfort is key!

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