Monday, 31 October 2016

Halloween Throwback 2014 | Give a Memory

I always take so many photos that I quite often don't know what to do with them. I fill up computer C-drives, memory sticks and memory cards because being digital the option is there to not have to have them printed. This can actually be a bit of a a double-edged sword; print them all and find somewhere to store them within frames or numerous albums or don't print them and practically never see them again. There is also the risk of losing digital copies too, which is probably one of my worst nightmares. Imagine losing first baby photos and other firsts such as Christmas morning or riding a bicycle for the first time!

At this time of year the focus of the end of October is on Halloween just before the early November fireworks followed by Christmas and New Year. Since having children I have made a bit more of an effort with Halloween; both my children are at the age to get excited about dressing up now and carving pumpkins. I have some great photos of Alexander's first Halloween dressing up experience from 2014 which alongside Lily the autumnal witch, I would love to showcase each year and add to throughout the years. I also think that grandparents would like to have a record of their grandchildren too, so albums in the form of personalised photobooks from Truprint could be an ideal gift to create and perhaps give at Christmas-time.

how to personalise your photos
I'm sure I could create several 150 page photobooks with the amount of photos I have!

As for my Halloween memories from 2014, let me present to you Lily the autumnal witch and Alexander the baby merman!

Lily the autumnal witch

Alexander the baby merman 2014

The merman costume was a doll's outfit which I made a few adjustments to so I could squeeze him in. He looked pretty cute!

Next year I will be dressing up their new brother or sister and taking lots of photos of them all together.

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