Friday, 4 November 2016

30-32 weeks pregnant | The Bump Diaries

30 weeks pregnant

How I am feeling:


Half term felt a bit of a flop to be honest what with Alexander's periods of wellness in between bouts of illnesses again and although I haven't caught anything myself I have started suffering particularly with nighttime reflux and indigestion. I hate the creeping sensation that begins as I start to get comfy in bed and Rennie's seem to do sod all apart from providing the most awful aftertaste which I've never really complained of before. 
The bump is so compact and all up front, that even if I try to sleep propped almost upright with pillows (mine and Rob's) I then have limited breathing capacity. Sometimes I feel better for going for a little walk, or on my knees against the bed but that is less than ideal when I need to get some sleep. It was so bad one night I was pretty sick. Luckily I felt better afterwards but I'd rather not have a repeat experience. Perhaps this baby will be hairy like Alexander was when he arrived...

I have also experienced a few hours worth of nipple vasospasm which really concerned me. I haven't felt cold for such a long time and for some reason it coincided with a daytrip to visit some family. My left side was only affected and it really knocked me for six as it has been such a long time since I last experienced that pain. With Lily it started when she was aroun 3-4 months old and almost instantly with Alexander despite my idea about being warmer in Summer... I have been doing some research on upping my calcium and magnesium and reducing caffeine in the lead up to Baby Bee's arrival as the pain really is shocking.


I've been enjoying salads for lunch and ham roll-ups with Le Roule cheese and the occasional Beck's Blue with lemon (I'm a stickler for no alcohol during pregnancy, but I can enjoy the non-alcoholic alternatives).


Following a really disturbed night and reflux/indigestion-induced sickness and the subsequent following day of feeling like a zombie I have at least a couple of spots which is quite an unusual sight nowadays. I have changed my foundation recently too though...

Foetal development:

Baby Bee is gaining a lot of weight apparently!

Foetal Movement:

Baby Bee seems to have more of a noticeable 'routine' in terms of activity and restfullness. 
In the morning there is minimal movement, but it makes up for it by beating the mattress when I go to bed which doesn't help my reflux!

What I'm wearing:

A combination of regular clothes and maternity clothes. I am finding that the maternity jeans don't fit me as well anymore - or at least the over the bump band doesn't. Some brands of jeans have a tapered bump band which can feel a bit tight across my mid-section and leave pressure marks. So to avoid feeling really restricted I have started rolling the band down towards my hips but that leaves my jeans nearly falling down! I'm getting round this be wearing long tunic tops which disguise the saggy elephant bum look!
I have also been loving the support the Belly Bandit Pregnancy Support Tank has provided me with plus I can slather my bump with Palmer's body butter (handy sample came with the top) and it won't be absorbed into the fabric - just my skin. 


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