Thursday, 10 November 2016

33 weeks pregnant | The Bump Diaries

33 weeks pregnant Sophie and Lily The Bump Diaries

How I am feeling:


I forgot to mention in my previous vlog that I had experienced a sudden (albeit brief) bout of nipple vasospasm. I got cold, but nothing out of the ordinary but I had a reaction on my left side which brought back all of the terrible memories from suffering with nipple vasospasm with Lily (3 months-6 months) and Alexander (from 2 weeks!). Since I am expecting another winter baby I am expecting to suffer again but will try my hardest to alleviate the symptoms; keeping warm, perhaps having a microwaveable wheat-filled wotsit to hand following a feed, reducing caffeine and taking calcium and magnesium tablets.

I have had my 34 week appointment and half expected to discuss my birth plans, but alas that is reserved for 36 weeks. Bump is measuring bang on and Baby Bee is head down but not engaged, with back on my left side. The heartbeat sounded like a galloping horse.

Walking with a pushchair can see me make some speed but walking alone sees me slow down; probably because right now I am potty training Alexander and hurriedly doing the school run with him in pants! By the time they are in bed at 7 pm I am ready to go to sleep myself.


All of the sweet things and peanut butter on toast, mmm!


Skin is getting better, but I should be please overall with how it is. One spot isn't bad at all! Post birth and breastfeeding hormones will probably put everything out of sync!

Foetal development:

Baby Bee is around the size of a pineapple!

Foetal Movement:

Regularly felt and hiccups too. I'm getting used to the pulse feeling of hiccups now, even in the middle of the night.

What I'm wearing:

Same old; maternity jeans with the band rolled now so they are pretty much falling down, plus any top I like.


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