Friday, 25 November 2016

Favourite Wildlife Photo Poll

On Sunday we visited Marwell Zoo for the Christmas at Marwell Experience and before the children had the opportunity to meet Father Christmas we all enjoyed visiting as many of the animal enclosures as possible. As usual, we spent a lot longer with the giraffes who were all lunching on their hay inside their warm barn. Giraffes are a firm favourite in our family so I tried to get as many snaps as possible. It's a shame we didn't have time to complete visiting the entire zoo as we missed seeing the brand new baby pygmy hippo!

Family visit to the zoo and the giraffes

Seeing as it was quite a cold day I didn't get as many wildlife photographs as I would have liked. Wearing gloves really gets in the way of using a camera. Plus, many animals were tucked away under the warmth of their heat lamps or hunkered down in nests.

Rattan Direct are running a poll for their wildlife photography competition so I thought that the photos would be worth sharing with you. I like each of them in different ways, particularly how the photographer captured the hunting cat with the peacocks and I like to think that the two birds are having an animated conversation.

Follow the above link to select your favourite before the 16th December. Rattan Direct will announce which image has won via their social media channels and also on their blog so keep your eyes peeled. I think overall, the wild pigs get my vote for photo quality and composition.

Here are the contenders:

Sunbathing hogs

Frog in a watering can

Peckish deer

Inquisitive cat

Disgruntled bird

What do you think? Which photo gets your vote?


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