Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Meal Plan 12-18th Nov

A few different meals this week with some additional ingredients to see if the kids will enjoy them.

Saturday - Lasagna
Actually we ended up not having lasagna at all, but sausages -same as yesterday, doh!

Sunday - Beef wellington, roasted veggies, peas and gravy
Made using minced beef, rosemary and diced vegetables plus a homemade flaky pastry

Monday - Pesto turkey burgers, cheese-topped rolls for me and the kids and gluten free rolls for Rob, carrot sticks

Tuesday - Stir-fried satay chicken, egg noodles for me and the kids and rice noodles for Rob. The kids may enjoy the wheat noodles more than the rice noodles plus they are easier to grab with a fork!

Wednesday - Sausages, mash, peas and gravy

Thursday - Chicken tikka masala, rice and poppadums
I might make this in the slowcooker this week.

Friday - Garlic and paprika tacos, rice and sweetcorn
A firm favourite.

Have you seen our latest grocery shop on YouTube?


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