Friday, 9 December 2016

36-37 weeks pregnant

36 weeks pregnant

How I am feeling:


Overall, pretty okay! I am nesting for England though and start tidying up and sorting things out such as cupboards at rather ridiculous times. Once something has started niggling at me I just need to get cracking. I am a woman possessed right now!
I have had the birth box delivered which luckily is locked as it contains needles. Alexander has already pulled out the gloves and placed a dinosaur ontop of the box. We have plenty of lab gloves given Rob's work, just in case.
Braxton Hicks are on the up, particularly at night. Enough to prevent me from sleeping, but not enough for me to actually get up to retrieve the birth ball from downstairs. By the time they have finished pregnancy insomnia kicks in which is a right pain.
I have been enjoying some 'me' time by having some nice warm baths with some added drops of clary sage oil, frankincense and lavender with the laptop in sight to catch up on a BBC drama or two. I've also been applying the oils in a carrier oil to my bump which probably doesn't do much aside from keeping my skin soft and supple.

I've been feeling pretty impatient for this baby and I knew I would feel like this around the 36 week mark, just as I did when pregnant with Alexander. Come on Baby Bee!


Same as last week; I seem to be going through phases of having a good appetite or having a poor appetite. I've had a few Thai curries and enjoyed them providing they aren't hotter than the sun!


I haven't returned the tiny rings back to my little finger yet as for some reason the skin remains a little bit pink. Overall it has healed from its period of dryness but I don't want to exacerbate the problem for the sake of my usual style. I have been using Cacay oil on my skin which I have to say is absolutely brilliant. My skin has never felt so good and I hope it lasts throughout the hormonal time which is ahead of me as my pregnancy comes to an end and breastfeeding and post-natal hormones kick in.

Foetal development:

Baby Bee is around the same length as a bunch of swiss chard (honestly, who writes these websites!?)

Foetal Movement:

Definitely having the same amount of movement but it is far subtler as Baby Bee has far less room to throw some punches. Baby Bee continues to create strange shapes of my bump though.

What I'm wearing:

Same old, same old; normal non-maternity tops or a Belly Bandit pregnancy support tank top with maternity faux leather leggings or jeans. I have already ordered some clothes to wear once Bee has arrived, can't wait!

37 weeks pregnant


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