Friday, 9 December 2016

Belly Bandit and First Nativity | Little Loves

So I have decided to write this a little late. It is currently Friday evening and I'm awaiting a chinese takeway, beached on the sofa watching my bump contort into strange shapes. The kids have given me a testing late afternoon and if I could I would be having a large, delicious alcoholic beverage. Diet Coke and Toblerone it is!

belly bandit and Lord of Light


I haven't been reading a great deal lately, aside from the news online and the Good Housekeeping magazine which we receive via some kind of bank account perk, but today I picked up an actual paper back. It is not my usual go-to genre, I'm more of a historical fiction girl myself, but this book has been touted as one of the best Science Fiction books of all time. 


Lily as the wise owl in her first infant school nativity performance 'Born in a Barn'. No photographs were allowed, but she looked adorable with her feathery outfit and mask. It was a bit hit and miss as to whether I'd be able to watch her due to childcare but in the end Alexander was quiet enough to watch 15 minutes of it before I ended up watching the remainder from outside. Toddlers, eh!


Yet again I had to explain that the baby isn't due for another two weeks to my mum's mum who rings me several times a day to ask if I've had the baby. I've been feeling impatient enough...


This week Alexander and I made some butter biscuits for Lily to cut out and decorate as an after school activity. He, in fact doesn't even like them! I couldn't find any boiled sweets at our local shop to create stained-glass window cookie decorations and wondered whether 'American hard gums' would work (kind of hard jellies rolled in sugar) but they didn't last long enough to be tried and tested!

Lily baking


I'm loving wearing the Belly Bandit pregnancy support tank top; it does exactly what it claims to do, but my goodness it makes me look like I have smuggled an extra large bowling ball up my top! I always get the 'your bump is getting massive!' comments when I'm wearing it!

And lastly

The takeaway has arrived so I will wrap up writing for now. I hope Alexander and Lily give us a lie-in tomorrow. Hahahaha, as if! Enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading :)


  1. Oh, I wonder if you got that lie-in? I don't read much science fiction, must try something next year. Your explanation of watching the nativity reminds me of my sister in laws recent wedding. I spend the entire ceremony, meal and reception walking around the venue and outside into the gardens. Toddlers! Hope you've had a good weekend xx

  2. I feel for you. Those last few weeks of pregnancy, feeling fed up and having lots of people making unhelpful comments - still pregnant then? Or no baby yet?
    Hope you enjoyed your take away! xx

  3. I hope you enjoyed your take away. I remember the constant "have you had the baby yet?". Thankfully my 2nd was 2 days early, went over with my first and then it got really annoying! Impressed with you gingerbread


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