Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Evening Primrose Oil & Labour

*Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, just a mum who has done a little bit of research...

I have to say that my labour with Alexander was a bit stop and start. One minute I was breathing through what I though were the 'real-deal' contractions in bed with a warm lavender and wheat-filled bunny rabbit, or bouncing on my birthing ball and then it just...fizzled out. This led to Lily being collected by family to be taken care of on the Sunday when I was 38+4 days pregnant because I was definitely feeling like something was about to happen. Plus many friends said that once Lily had left that my body would relax so much more so I gave her a final kiss and a cuddle before she became a big sister and no longer my only child.

I made plans with friends who had driven a long way to meet up but in the end I had to message them whilst rolling my pelvis and doing hypnobirthing breathing on the birthing ball to let them know it would be unlikely.

I'd eaten pineapple to the point my tongue felt tingly and slightly bobbly and we'd gone for long walks up the canal (and a few strangers advised us not to go too far!) but we didn't visit the Siam House for a green Thai curry which could have brought Lily's arrival on earlier than anticipated. I think the reflux and indigestion I was experiencing just put me off the idea of spicy food which would irritate my body in more ways than one - and I was planning a home birth with a pool if you get my drift!

One of my friends recommended using evening primrose oil.I had completely forgotten about EPO! I took 2000mg a day orally when pregnant with Lily, although I can't remember when I started! Women take EPO for a variety of reasons, such as for PMT or whilst trying to conceive, so after a bit of research I decided to go for it on Monday night. I can't remember what dosage the capsule were, but I used two internally before bed and again on the Tuesday night. I went into labour and had baby Alexander on Wednesday morning at 39 weeks, so could they have worked?

EPO can help ripen the cervix if it is favourable, so many factors play a part. Just like raspberry leaf products and anti-stretchmark cream - for some it works and for some it doesn't.

This time I am planning on popping a pill orally a little bit earlier and later internally. Baby will come when it is ready anyway!

Do you have any experiences of using EPO towards the end of your pregnancy?

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