Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Safe DIY and Food for Thought

Collaborative post: all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own

We have now lived in our Victorian terrace for over two years now, and we have been slow and steady with the DIY. It is coming together, but ultimately we do not know how long we will live here so some of the larger improvements are on the back-burner.

It is very common to hear that Victorian properties and damp go hand in hand; our house is no exception. We have damp courses put in which helps around a box bay window, but an ill-fitted rear back door has created a bridge between the elements outside and the poor single brick bathroom extension. Swings and roundabouts!

Damp may be visible to the home surveyor who will visit a property which you intend on purchasing, but the type, cause and extent would have to be investigated a bit more thoroughly. Left unattended, within view or disguised, damp can silently wreak havoc with your home and your health, much like the presence of asbestos. Home surveyors will flag up whether a property has the potential to have asbestos present in it, usually by assessing what kind of ceiling tiles or decoration the building has. Ceilings used to be commonly jazzed up by creating texture in the form of swirls and sweeps using asbestos-containing artex, but the health implications of asbestos vastly outweigh the advantages of having a decorative ceiling.

Unfortunately because the UK government permitted the use of the mineral long after it had been banned in other countries means that the UK has the highest rate of mesothelioma in the world.

That is pretty shocking, isn't it?

Without the correct information and guidance, many people have participated in DIY and encountered asbestos. They may not have even been aware as the following infographics explain. But asbestos inhalation can contribute to mesothelioma which predominantly affects those over 65 who have been exposed during their lives, but secondhand and indirect exposure can also claim the lives of younger individuals.

Mesothelioma solicitors such as Slater and Gordon have conducted research on DIY and asbestos exposure and have some great advice. So, let's get DIY Savvy!

Slater and Gordon's stats and advice
I do love a bit of upcycling, so this infographic is particularly pertinent to me
 and has definitely increased my awareness.
I do have some upcycling plans for 2017, so I will definitely give my future projects some indepth consideration before I go ahead and perform a little risk assessment too.

Do you have any DIY ambitions for next year? Stay safe!


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