Thursday, 16 February 2017

Chocolate Pudding | Little Loves

Another week has gone by and today is an inset day for Lily. It was a bit of a surprise for me as I got my dates muddled up, so I invited my parents over for the day. They live in Kent which is just finished it's half term break, so actually we have coincided quite nicely.


I haven't picked up a book to read properly since I finished The Girl on the Train. However whilst at The New Forest Inn in Ashurst I found a cosy nook and settled down to feed Freyja with a hot chocolate and a novel Rob randomly chose for me from their book exchange. It was better than a walk in the forest when it was just above freezing!

book and hot chocolate


I watched some of Le Weekend which was shown on Film4 this week. From what I managed to watch, it seemed to be about a mature couple with a variety of different issues who had decided to live in Paris for a bit, many years after they honeymooned there. Not very informative, but it was a slow-burner and I will either watch the rest to see the outcome (did they or didn't they split up) or Google the plot.

Le Weekend


 She said, play that song / The one that makes me go all night long / The one that makes me think of you / That's all you gotta do

When I heard Play that Song by Train, I was in actual disbelief that the tinkly tune that most people can try to play as a duet on the piano had suddenly made it to the radio!

Heart and Soul on Piano


For Valentine's Day, I made chocolate fondant puddings for dessert. I used Gordon Ramsay's recipe which is simple and the result is always scrumptious. I used two bars of Marks and Spencer dark chocolate with raspberry so it was a pretty decadent pud. So my gluten free and lactose free husband I used spelt flour and a combination of lactofree butter and baking block. Dove's gluten free plain flour would also work a treat too.

melt in the middle chocolate pudding


I'm cheating and just going to show off baby Freyja. She is growing so quickly and I'm trying to get as much wear out of this cat print tunic with leggings before she bursts its seams. I will be stuffing her into it haha!

Freyja in her cat print tunic top

And Lastly

Lily went to her friend's house for tea after school on Wednesday - for the first time ever! I had just Alexander and Freyja until 6:30 and briefly saw Rob briefly before he disappeared for a meeting. Lily was pretty tired when she got back but proudly showed off her jewelled crown she had made.

Lily the ballerina and her crown

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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  1. Aww how cute does Lily look in her ballet outfit and crown! Love Freyja's little outfit too and that chocolate pudding looks amazing! Have a great weekend! x

  2. Cute pictures of your girls! The chocolate pudding looks just delicious, and your hot chocolate and book date sounds lovely! Have a great weekend!

  3. That chocolate pudding looks delicious! Enjoy your week xx

  4. Gorgeous snaps of the kiddos making me broody. Loving the pudding sounds delicious. Hope you have had a lovely weekend just past. #littleloves

  5. Oh my, those chocolate fondant puddings look amazing! x

  6. Mmm now I seriously want a chocolate pudding (even at 8am haha). Reading a book with a hot chocolate and baby snuggles, definitely sounds better than a chilly walk too! I hope you have a lovely week x


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