Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Irish Fairy Door Company

Lily has yet to lose any of her milk teeth, but she is now content with the fact that the tooth fairy can visit via two doors now; one at home and one at Grandma's! Because you never know where you will lose a wobbly tooth...

The Irish Fairy Door Company creates adorable wooden fairy doors which are available in a variety of different styles and colours and there is even a paint your own fairy door kit.

For the fairies in Hampshire, a red and pink door awaits them but should they need to visit Grandma's in Surrey they will find their stepping stones lead to a delightful arched, bright yellow wooden door. But don't forget the key, tooth fairies! The family/fairy lease agreement needs a look at too so you make sure the key is ready for the fairy's first visit.

What is included:

1 x 12 cm high door complete with hinge, door knob and keyhole details plus a flower
1 x silver key in a tiny vial
1 x set of three stepping stones
1 x notepad for personal letters between the Tooth Fairy and the child
1 x Fairy Welcome Guide
1 x Family/Fairy Lease Agreement

Any extras?

Choose a name for your fairy and register it on the Fairy Workplace Log on the website. Then you will be able to to enjoy personalised magical stories, fairy facts and play ideas directly from Fairy Valley each week.
You can download the Fairy Valley app to experience more fun as well.

Lily has decided that her fairy's live outside, so her hand-painted arched door will be beside our pond in warmer weather and the latest arched yellow door will be varnished ready to be placed on the side of her playhouse at Grandma's house. Just as well they are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use, you never know where and when a fairy will visit...

Would we recommend a fairy door by the Irish Fairy Door Company?

Absolutely! As a mother I have been enjoying reliving the magic of tooth fairies with my daughter. I didn't have anything like this when I was this age, but I did write the tooth fairy letters and she even wrote back and left me some fairy dust! I am looking forward to recreating this little childhood rite of passage with my children when they begin to lose their milk teeth. All they have to do is believe.


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