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Bibetta Luxury Burp Cloth | Review

Freyja is rapidly approaching 3 months old and although (touch wood) she hasn't been a particularly sicky baby lately, she is dribbling like there is no tomorrow! When the opportunity to review the Bibetta Luxury Burp Cloth arose, I of course accepted on behalf of Freyja.

What is it?

The Bibetta Luxury Burp Cloth is a super-soft, waterproof burp cloth with pockets, ideal for throwing over your shoulder after you have fed your baby and need to wind them.

Bibetta Luxury Burp Cloth
First Impressions

The Bibetta burp cloth has a natural colour, which I thought looked a bit dull in comparison to the variety of colours the Bibetta Burp Bibs offer, however it is very practical. The packaging allows you to feel the plushness of the material before you unpackage it too.

What is in the package?

A single burp cloth with pockets on each end (front and back) to catch any baby sick and dribble.

Bibetta Burp Cloth

The Lowdown:

  • The Bibetta Burp Cloth is a smart and luxurious alternative to muslin sheets which often feel quite rough
  • The plush, teddy feel material is soft against skin and provides comfort for your baby
  • The burp cloth is shaped to fit both left and right shoulders and the waterproof barriers protect your shoulders and upper back from wetness. The non-slip material means less time faffing about with respositioning it whilst also holding a baby. This is ideal when you are a busy parent, multi-tasking is a must usually but something which makes a process a lot more simple is fab!
  • The flip-out pockets help to catch excess dribble and reflux
  • The burp cloth is machine washable at 30 degrees C and quick drying too

Bibetta Burp Cloth

Bibetta Burp Cloth

How we got on:

The Bibetta Burp cloth is incredibly soft and nothing like the muslin cloths I have experienced using. Muslins tend to become a bit crunchy and scratchy after washes, especially in hard water areas, so this was a treat for us to wear when holding Freyja. We've lately had some good, dry weather which has prompted me to wear some summery, strappy tops so I can definitely vouch for the kind to skin feel that this burp cloth has.

Bibetta Burp Cloth

It is substantial in size, at 60 cm long and 23 cm wide and due to the nature of the fabric, it feels quite heavy so it sits well and securely on the shoulder, even if quickly flung on.

Bibetta Luxury Burp cloth

Pros - large, providing decent coverage for projectile baby vomit (usually when you least expect it!), soft and absorbent. Slim to fit into your bag when folded in half.

Improvements - practically it is very good but it could be available in a variety of colours or patterns

Price and Where to Buy

The Bibetta Luxury Burp Cloth has an RRP of £12.49 and is available to buy directly from Bibetta, and is currently on offer at Jo Jo Maman Bebe for £6.00

Would we recommend? 

We would most certainly recommend this luxury burp cloth to add to an existing burp cloth and muslin collection. You will definitely realise that this one could be your favourite. It could also be an ideal baby shower gift too.

Bibetta Luxury Burp Cloth and Freyja

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