Monday, 27 March 2017

In the Garden | Tips for Spring

Spring has almost certainly sprung here on the South Coast. 

Crocuses, daffodils and hyacinths are now in full bloom and bluebell greenery is emerging but although I suffer with hayfever, I do enjoy the seasonal changes.

Since we are accelerating towards April, when most gardens really step up with the lawn and plant growth, I thought I would share with you my plans to spruce up our garden space and hopefully share some tips and inspiration.

Tip Number 1: Prep the lawn for it's first cut

I have smelt freshly cut grass for the first time in this month which made me go out to inspect our lawn. We relaid the turf last year and it is looking a bit patchy at the moment. Before growth really gets going, I will scatter some grass seed over the most worn looking areas. By the beginning of April I anticipate that the grass will need a mow and what could be better than a compact, battery-powered mower from Flymo. The Flymo Mighti-Mo has just been launched and on a single charge it has the capacity to effortlessly mow a tennis-pitch size lawn! Time-saving and cordless is ideal and safer for us with children around too. We may not have a huge lawn space but a small mower such as the Mighti-Mo will certainly help us achieve the perfect cut.

Tip Number 2: Weed flower beds and borders

Use a hoe and remove all of the unwanted plants and weeds from your flower beds. I'm going to lay down weed membrane and decorative bark chippings and plant little shrubs equally spaced along our border flowerbed. I am seeking a low maintenance garden but one that also looks good.

Mighti-Mo by Flymo and decorative bark chips
Consider a lightweight, time-saving mower such as the Flymo Mighti-Mo, but don't forget to remove any debris such as kid's garden toys before you mow!

Tip Number 3: Try to keep the garden clean and tidy

Patios and concrete paths can be cleaned with Jeyes Fluid and window ledges can have a good wipe down. Lawn edges can be made nice and straight using a half-moon hoe and wooden border rolls can define sections of the garden. If you have a problem with cats using your garden as their personal little tray consider planting rosemary, mint and thyme to deter them.

Tip Number 4: Clean your pond

We have had our pond for nearly two years so it should be getting its own ecosystem established now. It is a wildlife pond without any fish polluting the water, but I shall still need to trawl a net through to gather up leaves and debris. I shall cut the grass around the pond edge and make sure the horsetail reeds are growing well.

rosemary and mint to deter cats
Enjoy growing herbs in your garden, no matter what size. And if the oils and fragrance they emit put off unwanted feline visitors then that is a bonus!

Tip Number 5: Maintain your outdoor furniture

Have a peek in your shed and on a dry day stain and weather-protect your wooden outdoor furniture. I shall be spot-cleaning the fabric of the parasol and removing cobwebs so everything will be ready to pull out on a warm, lazy Sunday afternoon.

maintaining outdoor furniture
Check the weather forecast before you begin staining your wooden garden furniture as you will need a few dry days for best results

I'm looking to achieve a nice, low maintenance border in my garden, featuring buxus and lavender. 
What are your plans for your own garden space?


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  13. If only I had a garden and shed :( I see so many houses with gardens and the owners do nothing with them, it breaks my heart as If I had a garden I'd be able to do more than just pots .


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