Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Mummy and Me | February

Baby Freyja

To be honest I am not featured in many photographs. I am usually the person behind the lens snapping away or filming snippets of family life. When a friend offered to take a photo of me and Freyja I said yes please. So I am linking up to the Mummy and Me linky hosted by Nicola - Life Through My Eyes. I hope to have even more by the end of this month featuring my two older children, and you can't even really see Freyja in this snap as she is so snuggled up in the fantastic Babein stretchy wrap.

Mummy and Me, baby Freyja

Mummy and Me, baby Freyja

Seeing as this post just features baby Freyja and me, here is a flashback photo which is actually a screenshot from a Facetime session with my Mum. It was taken on Boxing Day, December 26th 2016. Freyja was born on Christmas Eve and she looks so squishy and diddy!

Not sure what I was running on at this point, 2 days post 20 minute labour and birth. Adrenaline and lots of it I expect!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes

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  1. Aww yay to joining in with Mummy and me! I am always the one behind the camera too, and unless it's a selfie it's usually Jack and the kids.. that's why I love this linky so much :) xx


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