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Flymo Mighti-Mo | Review

Here on the South Coast we certainly have enjoyed some excellent weather which rounded off the month of March really well and provided a positive start to the month of April.

With all the recent sunshine, like many others, we head outdoors. The New Forest, country parks, the beach... we truly are blessed to live where we do. However for the lazy afternoons and after school times, the garden is a great place to have fun and chill out so this is the ideal time to start getting it ready for the Spring and Summer months.

Did you know that Sunday 9th April has officially been named "First Cut Sunday" by the makers of Flymo? Research suggests that the Sunday before the Easter weekend is the most popular time for the lawnmowers to be retrieved from the shed for the first cut of the year. It totally makes sense to me to prepare the garden for the long-weekend in anticipation of good weather (please be good weather, please!). There is no point cutting wet grass or grass which has barely started to grow this year so in light of the dry, fair weather we have had I am pleased to say that our lawn has been cut for the first time this year! And what a difference using the Flymo Mighti-Mo has made...

What is it?

The Mighti-Mo by Flymo is a cordless, battery-powered compact wheeled lawnmower which claims to be capable of cutting up to 250m2 on one charge.

Flymo Mighti-Mo

First Impressions:

The box wasn't as big and heavy as I thought it was going to be and the images and unique selling points are clear on the box which displays bright illustrations and photographs. I was rather intrigued to see the image of the Mighti-Mo being lifted, almost effortlessly. I definitely wanted to see if it was compact and as nifty as it was made out to be.

What is in the box:
  • 1 Mighti-Mo lawnmower with grass box
  • 40V Lithium battery
  • Battery charger
  • Instructions

Mighti-Mo packaging
Images of the Flymo Mighti-Mo


The box contained the handle and grass collector in pieces so securing everything together was straightforward. The battery needed to be charged which was very simple. The steel blade was already secured and ready to go.

The Lowdown:
  • Powered by a 40V Lithium Ion battery - which provides the ability to cut a lawn the size of approximately the area of a full size tennis court on a single charge
  • The battery takes 120 mins for a full re-charge and can only be used in the mower with the isolation key. Absense of the isolation key disables the mower so it is quite safe
  • Cordless to provide extra freedom
  • 30 cm cutting deck
  • Single handle cutting height adjustment for simple changes of cutting height ranging from 25mm up to 65mm
  • Generous 30 litre grass box
  • Compact and low-weight; handles are quick and easy to fold down to store the mower and with battery the Mighti-Mo weighs only 9.9kg
  • Manoeuvrable -  the Mighti-Mow is a wheeled mower with a convenient carry handle which is ideal for trasnporting to and from the lawn 

Flymo Mighti Mo charging the battery
3 green lights = fully charged

How we got on:

Assembly was easy enough and fairly straight-forward if you are one to not really read instruction leaflets. My young son got very excited seeing a "new car" appear in the kitchen!
I charged the battery before it's first use and was surprised at how quickly it took to reach full charge. No overnight charges will be required and no waiting for lengthy charges in between mows.
unpacking the Flymo Mighti Mo
The battery and battery charger

Since I was using the Mighti-Mo for the first mow of the year (a week before the suggested "First Cut Sunday", but you know the saying, make hay whilst the sun shines!), I chose the longest cutting height of 65mm which raised the mower significantly. I liked watching it grow in front of my eyes and for a little mower it definitely appeared even more robust.

cutting length handle
A simple Pull and Slide motion adjusts the cutting length

The Mighti-Mo guzzled the grass which had just started to grow on our unruly lawn and I could see the difference immediately. It even faired well on much thicker areas of grass which are self-seeded and not the typical garden lawn variety. I did wait a few more days to give it another once over as suggested in the instruction leaflet and I will continue to mow twice a week throughout the growing season to maintain a nice, manageable lawn.

Flymo mighti mo ready to go

I found it lightweight to push around and fairly manoeuvrable. The cutting reach allowed the mower to trim the grass growing near the frame of the wooden swing but obviously further tools would be needed to maintain the grass because the weight of the swing means I am not going to be relocating it to mow the lawn.

Flymo mighti mo cutting the lawn

Pros - The Flymo Mighti-Mo is compact making it ideal for small gardens and small storage spaces as the handle can be folded down. It is lightweight so I don't strain myself lifting it up and over the threshold of our shed to store it. As it is a cordless mower I don't worry about wires draping around the lawn and having to feed the cord through an open window to reach a plugsocket. This makes it a lot safer and I don't have to worry about the kids suddenly joining me in the garden as I can keep doors closed rather than ajar to allow a cord to run through. No more extension cords too!
The battery charges super quickly and from a safety point of view I know that the mower cannot be started without the isolation key. The charger and battery are kept inside rather than in the shed, again this helps with security and appropriate storage will promote the use of the mower over many years. 

flymo mighti mo
As you can see, there is a variety of lengths and varieties of grass to tackle and around the pond and swing

Improvements - some of the instructions seemed to not read particularly well to me and me and my husband found the battery compartment of the mower really difficult to access without potentially bending fingernails. I expect it makes sure it is doubly secure though. Perhaps a formulaic access could be an improvement, such as press this button, hold and lift.

instructions flymo mighti mo
Example page of the instructions

Price and Where to Buy:

The Mighti-Mo 300 Li mower has an RRP £199.99 of and is available from numerous stores including Argos.

Would we recommend?

Yes, we certainly would recommend the Flymo Mighti-Mo, whether you have a big or small lawnspace. The recharagable battery and lightweight body makes it ideal for any space. I haven't tested the claims that it can mow the space of a tennis court with a fully charged battery, but I could do some maths and work it out for our garden's dimensions. I'm sure I will be pleasantly surprised!

from my eyes mighti mo
From where I stand: The Flymo Mighti-Mo

The Flymo Mighti-Mo will certainly help keep our garden looking far tidier, ready for the holidays.

Thank you for reading!


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  2. Can it cut wet grass

    1. No i think you should not cut wet grass with lawn mower

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