Monday, 22 May 2017

Sylvanian Families Aquabeads Review

Lily has been fortunate enough to receive a refill set for more Aquabeads creations. She absolutely loves them. You can read a past review of the Aquabeads Frozen playset here. This particular refill set is an Aquabeads Sylvanian Families set; a fantastic combination for lovers of the beads and sweetest little characters which are enjoying a resurgence.

Aquabeads Sylvanian Families

What is in the set?

What is inside?

You will find 4 Sylvanian Families template sheets featuring Freya, a cosy cottage, cupcakes and flowers to name a few examples.

The bead templates and designs

Several colours of solid beads are included; a total of 600 beads should see you through the majority of the designs.

inside the aquabeads sylvanian families set

Top Tip from Lily:
Play with your Aquabeads set on a tray to stop the beads bouncing away...or they'll end up in the vacuum cleaner!

This is very true. Lily is 5 years old and finds the bead pen a bit temperamental at times so prefers to pick up and place beads using her fingers. Only this can make for some escapees which I hear skittering across the floor, so a tray with a low lip would be suitable as it wouldn't interfere with reaching in and accuracy.

Just like many things which require concentration and dedication to see the task to the end, the Aquabeads generally come out of the creativity cupboard when Lily is motivated, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I have found that if she is tired she is prone to getting frustrated when she accidentally knocks a bead and it can shift an entire bead row which she has painstakingly placed.

Could it be improved?

I think that the Aquabeads Sylvanian Families refill set is very sweet and it encompasses the Sylvanian Families characters and quaintness really well. I obviously haven't counted 600 beads but I would say that more beads in each sachet could account for those which end up going on walk-about. Although we have found that we can always complete designs using beads from other sets with equally great results.


If the layout tray was larger and perhaps divided into quarters this could prevent water from the watermist used to set a design leaking to other designs in creation. Don't forget that once the beads are in contact with water that they become sticky and bitter if they are in contact with saliva which is a good deterrent.

Making an Aquabeads cupcake

Lily is still learning about the Sylvanian Families characters and was amazed to hear about Freya, since her baby sister is also named similarly, with the Norwegian spelling of Freyja. She will no doubt be able to read the stories with me about Freya and her brother Coco very soon.

In the meantime, Lily has fun playing with the Sylvanian Families characters as well as creating designs using Aquabeads.

Lily having fun with Aquabeads



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