Monday, 15 May 2017

Turning Tears into Smiles with Elastoplast

We are now approaching the time of year when numbers drop at playgroups and toddlers as parents are favouring the great outdoors.

Over the Easter weekend the kids enjoyed an Easter egg hunt in their grandparent's garden. It wasn't without injury though as Alexander fell some some concrete steps and we had to avoid the tortoise who, if you are not careful, will chase you as soon as you enter his garden! Thankfully chocolate goodies were hidden all over the garden to provide the perfect distraction.

lily easter egg hunting

Lily easter egg hunting

Watch out, Crunchie Meat Pie is about!

My kids love playing outside and they think that they are pretty lucky to have a garden, small as it is, containing a slide, swing and paddling pool. I didn't grow up with these myself but me and my sister used to live opposite a fantastic park in Kent which provides us with a place to burn some energy.

lily and alexander falling around

Outdoor fun can also involve some classic games, usually made with wood such as this garden ring toss set we received courtesy of Elastoplast and Britmums. Lily took it as an opportunity to brush up on her counting skills as well.

elastoplast kit
Fun plasters can certainly help distract an upset child and these Frozen and Starwars plasters are ideal

When the kids do inevitably fall over we don't wrap them up in cotton wool. After all, falling down whilst playing and the emotions that go with it is part of growing up.

Lily and Alex falling down

A big hug and a brush down normally sees them on their way again but if there are any grazes which require attention I usually have some plasters in my purse or lurking somewhere in my bag. The Frozen and Starwars Elastoplast plasters are excellent at distracting my kids attention from the ailment and ultimately turns those tears into smiles- which is the aim of the game!

garden ring toss game

Take a look at Elastoplast's latest video, you'll see that most of the children's little injuries were obtained from playing outdoors. With the holidays ahead I will definitely be prepared and ready to turn any tears into smiles and giggles.

This post is an entry for the Britmums #TearsIntoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast

Elastoplast examples


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