Sunday, 25 June 2017

Living Arrows | Manor Farm

Welcome back to Living Arrows, a post which celebrates childhood. I intend on creating as many of these weekly photos as possibly because they are great to reflect on all together.

The project originally took its name from a poem by Kahlil Gibran ~
"You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth"

This week I'm sharing two photos from a visit to Manor Farm in Hampshire, on one of the few overcast days we have had lately. Alexander and Robert appear to enjoy the heat and tan easily whilst me and Lily are fair so I prefer to stay out of the sun.
Typical Brits, complaining about the weather eh!

Here are the kids blowing bubbles beside a pig enclosure. I didn't manage to get photos of the bubbles as they got blown away really quickly. The pigs weren't interested anyway!

lily blowing bubbles

alex blowing bubbles

We didn't see any yaks, or naks!

I hope you enjoy your week everyone. Thanks for stopping by!

Living Arrows


  1. Those bubble wands are amazing!! We have some and the kids are useless at them so Hubby and I always end up doing them for them! x

  2. We love bubbles here although N isn't the best at blowing or waving them. So I tend to take over (or rely on the machine!) #livingarrows


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