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The Hallway Edit

Collaborative post. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own.
Narrow hallways are commonplace in period properties, particularly Victorian terraces.
Here are some ideas on making the most of the space whilst keeping some traditional features.

The stairs:
The focal point of most hallways is usually the staircase. For our hallway, the staircase is the first thing you notice when you enter the house.
We don't know what the state of the wood is like beneath the brown carpet but the eventual plan is to rip out the carpet and relish its disposal! Then examine the quality of the steps. Given we have discovered many bodged jobs around the property I'm dubious about what we will find.
Laminate steps such as StairKlad from Cheshire Mouldings would look attractive, particularly if they match our oak effect laminate which runs through the hallway. Seeing as they can be installed without a tradesman I'd be tempted to give it a go to provide the ultimate makeover. If the stairs are the only thing we change, it doesn't matter how or what we do, it will definitely make an impact.
Although we don't have bannister spindles running down which would obviously help with the light issue, they are present on the landing. On closer inspection they seem to be a  few different designs so budget depending we could look at something like the Solo range which blends modern with traditional or retain what could be some of the original qualities.
A sturdy wall-mounted handrail would be preferable, especially for our young children. I particularly like the look of the black endcaps which I think would be in keeping with the age of property. Now, if only we can avoid all the handprints our kids leave behind!

the stairs, end cap, stairklad, spindles
1/ StairKlad 2 and 3/The chrome endcaps could suit the Solo range of spindles which combine contemporary and traditional design. All available from Cheshire Mouldings

Decor and Lighting:
As it is currently a gloomy space, still boasting light absorbing woodchip wallpaper, we have added a gigantic mirror to reflect as much light as possible.
Since the huge mirror now shows off the unflattering metal spotlight in the hallway we are looking for new light fixtures which are capable of distributing enough light  around the original ceiling arches and corbels.
I rather like dark colours which are also in keeping with the Victorian trend, but I'd like to make the space feel as light as possible so I will have to get my thinking cap on.
We have recently added a window film to the cover window above our front door. Not only does it soften the light which comes in and provides some privacy but it also disguises our ugly fuse box cupboard and displays our house number with a traditional Period design. Take a look at Purlfrost for some ideas, use the code Sophie&Lily for 10% off until December 31st.

The hallway edit, mirror, pendanr and window film
1/ Antiqued metal mirror Maisons du Monde 2/ Antique Brass Pendant The Lighting Company 3/ Period Window Film Purlfrost

Take a look at my Pinterest board for further inspiration, if you have any more ideas, let me know!


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