Thursday, 15 June 2017

What happens when you sleep?

Are you laying in bed feeling more and more awake, way before your morning alarm goes off?

Join the club!

Add to that the effects of young children waking earlier due to the light too and I don't exactly have the recipe for a good nights sleep.

Take a look at this infographic which online mattress brand Leesa produced for May's 'Better Sleep Month' to get a better understanding of what happens while you sleep.

Does anyone else experience the startle reflex frequently? For me it accompanies an image of tripping up rather than falling from the sky and most often happens in the first 10 minutes of sleep.
Our usual methods for encouraging a restful night's sleep (or as much as one can with a 5 month old baby) include:

 ⟢Limiting screens for at least 30 minutes before bed ⟣
⟢Not eating close to bedtime and no caffeine drinks ⟣
⟢ Clean bedlinen on a freshly made bed ⟣

As for waking up earlier, we really need some effective blackout blinds!

I hope this post gets you thinking about how you can get the best night's sleep too.


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