Sunday, 16 July 2017

The Ordinary Moments

 In September my little man will be off to preschool for three mornings a week.
I have a school week plus two days of having him full-time with his baby sister for the majority of the day. Then it will be the busy summer holidays and before I know it, it will just be me and Freyja!
I know he will have a great time and perhaps I will have the opportunity to do some work and filming during those mornings, if Freyja plays ball!
However, it feels like he is growing up too quickly...

Alexander painting

Alexander concentrating

Joining Katie and Donna for The Ordinary Moments

The Ordinary Moments


  1. Oh he looks so grown up! I remember when Troy started going to preschool and now I look at him and he's a proper little boy. It goes far too quickly x

  2. Oh he really does look grown up - they sneak it up on us don't they!!

  3. It seems that your child is in learning phase. Wish him best of luck to try the new things.


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