Monday, 10 July 2017

What Mama Wore Monday

Welcome to my first What Mama Wore Monday, hosted by Romeca over at Beauty Bump and Me and Tracey from A Snapshot of Me. I love this idea! I will try my best to get a post up each Monday.

Here is how I thought things would go...

  • take camera and tripod into the garden
  • find a lovely backdrop
  • get a lovely portfolio of snaps
  • upload
The reality is...

Why on earth did I think anything listed above would be remotely possible?

  • Freyja has a cold, so is clingy as anything. I scuttled outside, tripod in hand, without her seeing me. So far so good.
  • Found no decent backdrop in the long, narrow garden without the risk of falling in the pond. What an action shot that would be!
  • Slightly put off when I heard neighbours pottering about...
  • Alexander came outside to see what I was up to and then he promptly did a wee on the drain cover. Inside we went, in search of new pants. The tripod was collapsed.
So, I present to you a few snaps of my Sunday outfit.
We went to our local PYO with the idea of coming home with a bounty of strawbs, ready for pavlovas and swiss rolls. But turns out we should have rocked up in the morning to get the best of the crop, woops! Blackcurrants were fun to pick too, and there were far less already squashed on the ground.
I wore a black top (yes, black on a day it reached 26 degrees!) with criss cross strap shoulders with khaki shorts and white sandals, all from Primark. Even the hat! I didn't even realise I was head to toe in Primark until now!

Crazy hair after the bun was taken out to allow a hat. It just loves absorbing sunscreen though.
Freyja's first time visiting the PYO farm.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looking gorgeous, I made the mistake of a wearing a black t shirt today! Quickly changed because it's SO hot! We went to a PYO last week and had the best day, the kiddies loved it! Thanks for joining in today lovely #whatmamaworemonday


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