Thursday, 17 August 2017

What My Kids Wore

Welcome to my kid's fashion post for #ALivelyStyle. I'm linking up with Hannah from Make Do and Push. Go check out the rest of the link ups for lots of fashion inspiration for your own kids. I certainly love seeing different outfits, the brighter the better!

At the weekend we visited one of our favourite country parks in Hampshire. We parked up and once we had all bailed out of the car, Alexander immediately found a feather which kept him relatively still and distracted whilst I took some snaps. Lily had just woken up from a 5 minute nap so wasn't feeling particularly photo-friendly which was fine. She ended up enjoying frolicking around as she woke up a bit more, so I managed a few outfit shots.

Alexander's Outfit:
Top: Mini Boden (actually Lily's but she when she received it as a gift it didn't fit her, so Alexander lucked out!)
Shorts: Peacocks - these are easy for Alexander to pull up and down
Sandals - Tu at Sainsbury's - 25% off started on the 15th August!

alex feathers

alex dino top

alex dino top

Lily's outfit:
Striped top: Primark
Leggings: Primark
Boots: Matalan

Lily has certainly been having a growth spurt during the summer holidays. I have been measuring her each week and she is shooting up in height and leg length. She definitely has my legs! Sadly I continue to receive negative and disparaging comments regarding my own legs thinly veiled by humour, my mother being a main culprit throughout my growing up. Based on my own experiences of projection of negative body images and how it can promote anxiety and self-doubt, we encourage a positive relationship with our looks which is the only way forward for happy and confident sons and daughters.

lily breton striped top

lilys outfit

lily in the forest

"Be happy, be confident, be you!"



  1. Oh! That Boden dino tee is AMAZING! And I can't believe Lily's whole outfit is from Primark - it's lovely!

    Thanks for linking up to #ALivelyStyle xx

  2. I love that Dino t-shirt! I wonder if you can still get it? Gabe would love it :) #ALivelyStyle


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