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How to get #GuestBedReady

*This blog post is in collaboration with Bed Guru
Do you have a guest bed in your house?
At the moment, we do, but it's time as a guest bedroom is temporary before it officially becomes Freyja's bedroom. Freyja is 9 months old and sleeps in our room so for the moment we have a "spare room".

In a few days we will have one of my best friends to stay for a long weekend. He is pretty tall- 6ft something, so the sofa bed is out. What is it with sofa beds being advertised as doubles when they are just a generous single?
Bed Guru's #GuestBedReady campaign has given me the enthusiasm I need to sort out the spare room, which is inevitably where all the clutter gets dumped. I've been thinking about how to make the spare bedroom guest room ready to promise a comfortable stay (even if the kids do wake him up in the morning!). With 11 weeks to go until Christmas, it is time to consider getting your spare room ready for guests.

The bed:
Despite our spare bedroom being listed as a double, I do struggle to imagine a double bed positioned in there. With a built in cupboard and a chimney breast taking up space there is a limited number of orientations which a bed can go. If space wasn't at a premium I would be tempted to have a
guest bed from Bed Guru, or a divan with storage at the bottom would be ideal to store the additional bed linen which only gets brought out once in a while. A combination would be fantastic!

Bed Guru guest bed trundle

Talking about bed linen, I like to keep this side of things relatively neutral. White sheets, duvet cover and pillows suit my tastes and I can always add colours and textures using cushions and throws. A throw is a good idea to dress the guest bed, not only to make the whole room look well put together but it shows that you are considering your guests comfort too. Plus, they may need it especially during the colder months before the heating officially goes on.

guest bed ready bedside table Alex IKEA

Bedside table:
A decent bedside table could be a small unit or it could be an existing piece of furniture. In my case, we are using an IKEA Alex filing cabinet. Needs must! But whatever you choose, it needn't matter providing it has a decent table lamp  and access to additional plug points at the very least.
The bedside table ideally should be minimalistic with only a few items. I personally think that a good attractive, preferably angle-poised lamp for reading plus coaster and two decorative pieces is a good amount before the space can get cluttered. A book could be a nice detail too.
In terms of decorative features, one of these could be functional like a clock or perhaps it could be an artificial flower in a vase or a mildly scented candle.

Bedside table decor succulent Dunelm

Beside table sleep spray
I've added a sleep, pillow and body spray too

bedside table book
This is a lengthy book to read, and difficult to get into so it could help with sleep!

I like to provide a fresh hand towel and a bath towel. Even if they don't use their own hand towel I offer their own as my guests may not fancy sharing the same one as two young kids and I don't blame them!
I try to get the guest towels as soft and fluffy as possible using non-bio laundry detergent and lavender scented fabric conditioner. Scratchy towels aren't ideal but I can blame hard water for that problem.

#GuestBedReady bedside table essentials
Towel IKEA, Desk Lamp Dunelm, Ornamental succulent Dunelm, Throw IKEA, Book 'Seveneves' Waterstones

Window dressing:
We have a black out roller blind on our guest bedroom window to ensure a good night's sleep plus it retains heat in the room for added comfort during the cooler months. During the daytime I have the window cracked open to let some fresh air circulate. Did you know that the ideal room temperature for a good nights sleep is 19 degrees C?

So there are my ideas to create a minimalistic guest bed room. Here is a brief checklist for you:

guest room checklist

Thanks for reading, do you have any tips for getting #GuestBedReady?


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