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My Ultimate Baby Kit | By a Mum of 3

Now I have three children, I can reflect over the infant products we have accumulated over time and consider what I deem to be an 'essential'. I'm oh so aware about how the baby product market changes and each new product is 'a must-have', endorsed by celebrities or other parents. This is a round up of products that we have found to be useful and would recommend.

photo collage showing the products mentioned below: 1. the whisbear, 2. jumperoo, 3. lindam bed rail, 4. mamma pads, 5. tommee tippee electric steriliser, 6. theraline yinnie nursing pillow, 7, babein stretchy wrap and 8. phil and teds navigator 2 buggy

1. The Whisbear
Back in 2012 I wasn't aware of anything like this. As a first time parent, baby products and those from new companies weren't really on my radar. White noise is really soothing and this sweet little bear attaches to the cot or can be placed directly in the cot with the baby. It isn't a rainbow of colours so it doesn't overstimulate the baby, plus it looks lovely in any room.

2. Fisher-Price Jumperoo
For Lily and Alexander, the Jumperoo was in use a LOT. I can still hear the musical tunes in my head! They just loved bouncing, but Freyja doesn't so much. We have used it with her, but it didn't remain assembled for very long. It does take up floor space but if it works, it works. If only Freyja would allow me to put her down...somewhere!

3. Lindam Bed rail
We co-sleep and bedshare and have done so with all three children for varying amounts of time. We started with doubts but realised it worked for us. This bed rail provides us peace of mind, especially for the days that the baby isn't capable of moving around of course.

4. Theraline Mamma Pads
These almost invisible nursing pads have been useful now Freyja is approaching her first birthday, especially on the occasion that she feeds less at night. They adhere to skin without any adhesive but require a wash before reapplying so I didn't try them when I needed to use breastfeeding pads during the day due to convenience.

5. Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser
Chemical-free cleaning of dummies and bottles (5 of them in one go). So quick and so much quicker than cold-water sterilising I used to do with breast pump accessories.

6. Theraline Yinnie Breastfeeding Pillow
With Lily I used a cumbersome V-shaped pillow which didn't confom to the shape of her body and didn't make the experience of feeding a premature baby any easier. The Yinnie's shape wraps around my waist, offering both of us comfort thanks to the microbeads inside. I certainly haven't felt like throwing this breastfeeding pillow out of the window!

7. Babein Stretchy Wrap
I didn't discover stretchy wraps until I did a lot of research during my second pregnancy. With Lily we used a Babasling, which is less than ideal due to the position of the baby within the carrier, plus I am useless at doing anything with a lot of weight on just one side of me. My first Lollipop stretchy wrap in petrol blue was a game-changer, once I learnt how to tie it! I practised using a cuddly toy rabbit first. Rob and I took turns with using the carrier and received many glances and kind compliments. Being hands free and soothing a baby or simply carrying around a sleeping baby is a life-saver. Freyja enjoyed being snuggled up in the Babein stretchy wrap which promoted lots of sleep and cuddles. I would definitely recommend a wrap to any new parent.

8. Phil & Teds Navigator II
This adaptable double in-line buggy has served us well. We bought it just after Lily turned two and then added the carrycot when Alexander arrived. Now our third child Freyja sits at the front, leaving the bottom seat free for school bags or Alexander if he gets tired from walking. As much as I am looking forward to just using a simple, lighter, single pushchair we absolutely appreciate the robustness of this buggy and its all-terrain tyres. It may not look like a high street-only pushchair, but it suits us down to the (New Forest) ground. I would recommend it to anyone who has more than one child, for its practicality, longevity and oodles of space to stuff snacks, nappies and toys.

It won't be long until these items are no longer used by us. but they will be passed on to friends and relatives and I will absolutely recommend them.

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