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The Children's Meditations | In My Heart Review

On Sunday, around 6 pm, I managed to read a few pages from 'The Children's Meditations In My Heart' by Gitte Winter Graugaard which Lily and I have been sent in return for a review.

In my Heart meditation reading with lily review
Published by Room for Reflection

What with general school and work life, plus the recent Christmas performances and afterschool clubs, life is hectic enough so getting a spare moment with just Lily can be difficult. Sunday seemed ideal as we were relaxed, plus Alexander was asleep on the sofa, suffering from a cold. With Rob occupying the baby, Lily and I disappeared upstairs to meditate on my bed.

The Children's Meditations In my Heart is intended to help children and families enter another plane of love. With the vast amount of stimuli we and our children are exposed to on a daily basis, it is important to ground ourselves using love which, as the book describes, is a super power.

"They say that a modern person gets as many stimuli in one day as our grandparents got in an entire year. We cannot stop stimuli around our children, but we can teach them how to navigate between them and how to find peace, balance and most importantly, joy in life."
 Introduction by Gitte Winter Graugaard.

Heart meditation can provide a pause within a busy day, promote calm and stillness but also it can help you and your child feel the warmth and nurturing feelings of love, especially if the meditation is read at bedtime. The Children's Meditations In My Heart features guided visualisations which can be discussed at a later date, and heart symbols indicate when to take a natural pause before continuing. Keen for my children to not always travel with us to "Brainland", I am confident that continued mediation can help lead us all to "Heartland".

How we got on

I didn't disturb the lighting of my bedroom; it was already dimly illuminated by the landing light and the street lamps outside. Lily chose to get into bed and rest her head on my pillow. 
Lily is almost 6 and quite good at cooperating, so I began to explain what we were going to do in a soft voice. I think if I had chosen any other moment such as after a busy school day, with her brother bouncing around and the baby crying for attention, she could have been easily in fits of giggles unable to keep her eyes closed.
When I reached the pauses indicated by three heart symbols, I simply took a break of 3 seconds. If I had left the pause any longer I reckon Lily would enquire what was going on.

Sample text and suggested pause
I continued in my softly spoken voice, drawing on my hypnonatal tracks which I used through out the labour and delivery of two of my three children. However, I reached a point in 'I Fill My Heart with Love" where I had to adjust my voice to a whisper as I became too emotional with happy tears and didn't want to interrupt the tranquillity.

Lily looked really relaxed by the end of the meditation piece 'I Fill My Heart with Love'. She had turned onto her side and looked ready to sleep. I could tell when I ended the guided visualisation that she looked drowsy and she even asked me whether it was morning! Later that evening, at bedtime, I repeated the meditation to both Lily and Alexander and selected the bedtime ending.

reading Lily In My Heart meditation

The second children's meditations in the series 'From my heart, I send Love', focuses on sending and receiving love to the people we love, even when we cannot be together. We return to the mountain in which the heart resides behind a gate surrounded by a pretty white fence, all the while utilising the visualisations we learnt in 'I Fill My Heart with Love". Love is transferred from holding your hand over the heart of your loved one. I particularly like the idea that the author mentions:

"If you know that your child is doing something special during the day that might be difficult, you can tell her that you will send love and help at precisely the moment the challenge is taking place. If my oldest daughter is upset at school, she puts her hand on her heart and extracts some of that love she knows that I am sending her, and finds comfort."
 This reminds me of the heart drawn on the palm of the hand idea which circulated Facebook a while a go.

The Hug Button Louise Mallett The Motherload
Louise Mallett/ The Motherload

There are two further meditations in this book; 'My Cloud is Full of Love' and 'With the Universe, I share my Love'.

'My Cloud is full of Love' provides the opportunity to express how often you think about your child and how much love you send to your child with these thoughts each and every day; a love that your child can pick up in the cloud and fill their heart with when needed.
'With the Universe, I share my Love' helps your child learn how to share their love with others around them who do not experience the same love and provides three general purposes.

"The first one is training your child's ability to feel empathy and gratefulness. The second one is feeling of being able to make a difference in the world by opening up one's heart. The third purpose is creating a feeling of connectedness with the universe in your child."

I am yet to explore these meditations, but the author encourages you to mix and match and use them in a way that fits into your family's life. Once I have experienced these meditations with my children I will be sure to provide an update. But for now, here are Lily's thoughts:

"I feel happy and relaxed. With a feeling of more love in my heart."


In my heart choose your own ending to the meditation


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