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6 Year Old's Reaction to New Stop-Motion Show, 'The Hengelings'

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Collaborative post - all opinions are my own or Lily's

My children are now at an age where one children's television channel isn't enough, or doesn't cater for all of their preferences. My eldest, who is 6, enjoys some CBBC, my middle child love 'Booba' on Netflix which I personally find a bit creepy and the toddler, well, she mainly loves turning the TV volume all the way up or completely off!

One thing we can all enjoy has to be stop-motion creations. Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, The Clangers, Pingu, etc.

There looks to be a new stop-motion production in the pipeline, specifically produced for children between the ages of 3-7 years and available on YouTube. And it has to be an absolute first as the main characters are the Hengelings, little rock-like creatures which inhabit the world-famous Stonehenge.

Henge - a particular kind of earthwork of the Neolithic period, consisting of a circle of stone or wooden uprights
The Hengeling family new stop-motion show

The Hengelings uses stop-motion puppets and a large model replica of Stonehenge (produced from cut and shaved polystyrene), to indulge a young audience into a world of fantasy, adventure and humour. Each narrative begins with the sun rising over the Neolithic English monument to reveal a small family of stone-like creatures that inhabit the site. By the end of each episode, the sun sets and the creatures return to bed.

The Hengelings are playful, emotive characters who's intent is to maintain an equilibrium of the natural world that they inhabit. The underlying them to all the stories is a positive environmental message told through the mystery of Stonehenge.

Meet the Hengelings

Who are the Hengelings?

In their physical appearance, it could be said that they are a 'chip off the old block'; they remember the standing stone of the English Heritage monument on a miniature scale - supposedly not much taller than a foot in height - so tiny in comparison to the giant stones.
There are four Hengelings in total, Sarcen, the father, Solstice, the other, Lintel, the young girl, and Mortice, the young boy - all names associated with Stonehenge.

Lily's reactions to The Hengelings

The Hengelings communicate without words but use expressive sounds, much like Pingu and Shaun the Sheep. The 'Wise Old Stone', an Easter Island figurine carved into one of the giant standing stones, acts as the narrator and a fifth character and helps the story involving the mythology of Stonehenge flow.

On Friday after school, following Lily's first solo visit to the corner shop to buy herself some sweets, I put the first Henglings teaser video on YouTube for her to watch.

Here is what she thought:
''I really liked the little one, the one with the flower it its hair."
"Their voices were really funny and made me laugh."
"It was really funny when one got hit by a snowball!"
Would you like to - 
learn more about Stonehenge?
Watch more Hengelings?
"Yes, please!"

Here is Lily's disappointed face when she realised the episode had ended:

Disappointed Lily once the Hengelings had finished

Lily's idea for another episode would have to involve the Hengelings playing games, like stone skittles, which I think is a great plan.

It gets a big thumbs up from Lily! Will your kids watch The Hengelings?

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