Welcome to Sophie & Lily, a UK parenting, pregnancy and lifestyle blog.

My name is Sophie and I love interior magazines, coffee & cake and my family.

This blog is going to feature a little of those favourites of mine, from posts on our doer-upper Victorian Terrace in Hampshire to local attractions plus documenting some family time.

On the Sophie & Lily blog expect to find updates on:

Home & Garden, will black, dark blue and gold see the distance?

 Family life, featuring highlights of our weeks with plenty of photographs

Food & Recipes, including meal plans

Reviews: Family, home and lifestyle products

As of December 2016 we had our third child (Christmas Eve baby!) and blogging and vlogging became even more of a dangerous plate spin. I simply don't have enough time to do all the things I want to.
I am changing the direction my blog is going in based on my interests and my passions. I will see how it goes before considering Youtube again. Watch this space.


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